Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

I just realized something... I have enough things to say to participate in Quick Takes!  I'm excited about it; I wanted to play last week, but made it to three and realized that I didn't have anything else to say.  For more Quick Takes, head over to Jen's.

1) Here are my two choices for my activities this weekend:
Drive 3 hours to go snowshoeing.  In the email, the trip leader mentioned that we would have to take the snowshoes off to climb the falls, and that we might have to climb on the left instead of the right because if there was fresh snow, it might slide on the right.  Don't forget to bring "traction devices" since it'll be icy.  Oh, yeah.  And I checked the forecast for that day: 20 degrees and "blustery" with a 40% chance of snow. Did I mention it's 9 miles round trip snowshoeing?
I could stay home, sleep in, read books, attempt to get some organization done, and maybe start some online CE classes that I need to get done.
2)  Yeah, I agree.  I'm going with the second choice.  I'm all for getting out there, but it's been so cold this week that I haven't made it out to get in my workouts, so besides risking life and limb, or at least some discomfort, I'd also be holding up the group.  I even volunteered to be available for make up appointments on Saturday since so many people have had to miss their appointments this week.  This means that I can't change my mind, even if I were to go soft in the head sometime between now and then and decide that it was a good idea for some reason.

3) I was proud of myself for a second today.  I saved over $25 with coupons at the grocery store today.  Then I realized that there was a second part to this whole coupon thing, and that's the part that I don't have down yet.  So don't ask me how much I spent overall, mmkay?

4) Can we take a moment to talk about Jelly Bellies?  I'm not sure why, but we never got to have any of these growing up (I'm pretty sure my parents never set out to intentionally deprive us, but we did grow up out in the boonies; we were luck if our stores had any jelly beans at all).  I never understood the draw.  I think if I did have them, I had flavors like grape, cherry and peach.  I thought "Whatever.  They're just jelly beans like any others."  THEN a friend gave me a bag for Christmas with all sorts of different flavors.  It seriously fascinates me to eat them!  How can a jelly bean taste just like buttered popcorn or Dr. Pepper or a margarita?

5) My parents really did love us.  Even though they never got us Legos, either.  They got them for my younger siblings, but my older brother and I did without.

6) I have to tell you about how rough my job is.  Then I'll stand back in case you try to take a whack at me through the computer.  You see, we have 3 massage therapists at the clinic where I work.  If a patient might benefit from a massage, we physical therapists have to refer the patients to whomever might be a good fit.  This means that I need to get to know each of them... By getting a massage from them.  For free.  I got one last week, but the only bad part was that this particular one doesn't work very late, so I had to get it in the middle of the day.  On the one hand, AWESOME midday break.  On the other hand, so very hard to get back to work afterwards. Yep, it's a rough job, but someone has to do it.

7) And finally, I have to leave you with a picture. I was so excited about this picture when I took it.  I loved the rust of the chain, the weathered wood of the seat...

It wasn't until I got it home that I noticed the big old green shed in the middle of my shot.  Stupid shed.  If I wasn't such a rookie, I might have noticed it and changed my angle a little.  But I don't really mind (not too terribly much, anyway). For me, a lot of the fun is taking the picture.  I make a lot of mistakes, but they're all digital and easy to erase.  I won't erase this one.  I still like that swing, even with the shed.


  1. I think that's a GREAT photo WITH the adds something, I think.

    I hear you on the coupon-thingy...for me, that is an issue as we typically shop Aldi now and save much more than we ever did (I know Aldi isn't everywhere though).

    Have a great weekend...your 2nd option sounds so inviting!

  2. Yay for your takes!

    1-2. Good choice.

    3. Haha, nice. Yes, that's one reason I don't do too much with coupons.

    4. I vastly prefer the generic jelly beans myself. Then I don't feel bad when I just gorge myself on the pink, orange, and purple ones, start to feel sick from all the sugar, throw the rest of the bag away, swear never to do that again, and forget by the next Easter.

    6. Jealous!

    7. I do like the swing!

  3. I think the pictue is wonderful even with the shed in the background, but I also know what you mean and am also really enjoying the improvement I'm seeing in the pictures I take of my kids thru trial and error.

    Have a wonderful restful weekend.

  4. I love the photo - WITH the shed!

    And I have a post on massage coming up....

    Enjoy your weekend, I hope it is as productive as you've planned.

  5. Buttered popcorn jelly bellies changed my life. *sigh* good stuff! :)