Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things and Stuff

1) It's the final feast of Christmas, and guess what!  I got the definitive answers to what are the five feasts of Christmas.  It is: 1. Christmas, 2. Feast of the Holy Family, 3. Mary, Mother of God, 4. Epiphany, 5. Baptism of the Lord.  Our priest got tired of being asked from so many other people that were also in the dark, so enlightened us all with his homily today. :)

2) I've been wondering how the Baptism of the Lord fit in with the Christmas celebration, but today it made a little more sense.  We're transitioning from the celebration of His birth to the end of His hidden life.  At His baptism, He moves into His public ministry.  And we move into Ordinary Time, focusing on the teachings of His public ministry.

3) My life is a little backwards from most people's.  Most folks are ready for the holidays to be over (though it can be a little depressing) because they need some quiet time.  Not me.  For the last several years, my holidays are too quiet, so I'm glad when "regular life" starts back up again.  Actually, the quiet wasn't bad this year.  I felt like I actually got a chance to appreciate Advent, and I enjoyed having plenty of free evenings for movies.  Now I enjoy that I have a lot of things going on this week.

4) This weekend was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed snowshoeing.  I definitely need to go get some snowshoes now, but there are so many different kinds I don't know which ones to get.  We were not on a slope where we had to worry about avalanches, but we still learned some about them.  Like learning to dig a snow pit to check the condition of the snow.

Some fellow snowshoers heading up a hill and practicing their rest step (where you stop and rest briefly with each step because it's steep.)

Anyway, it was a good weekend, and I'm actually motivated to try to get to the treadmill tomorrow to see if I can get in better shape for the next time.  My only disappointment was that I didn't get to try some new pictures with the new camera.  I only took the old one on the trip.  It seemed better for wallowing in the snow.  I was going to get out today, but it was snowing.  That was disappointing in regards to the camera, but exciting in regards to more snow to play in.


  1. What gorgeous pictures of the snow! I'm glad your Advent was so rewarding, and that you brought the five feasts of Christmas to light! :)

  2. I figured out the baptism of our lord just last week, so I guesS I didn't know them all. :)

    I'm having a hard time letting the holidays go too. On the one hand we are detoxing from all the extra work that comes in ministry during Christmastime, on the other hand, life just got a whole lot more boring. We are snowed in for like 4 more months, so I better start getting creative or something.

  3. Thank you for solving the mystery of the feasts!!
    Have fun with the new camera.

  4. Thank you for the pictures. We are in Houston (transplanted from St. Louis) I miss the snow so much. I think that God sends the huge snow to give us a peak at how peaceful and clean Heaven must be.