Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What They Said

I think I should give up blogging.  Not that I am. (Ha!  Like you'd get rid of me that easily!)  But really, I should.  The reason that I say this is that I've been struggling with some questions on prayers.  I write a little blog post about it, nothing serious, and nothing that really gets to the heart of my questions or struggles.  Then over the last week or so, I've read a ton of great posts on prayer, and the comments are fantastic as well.

Maggie and TCIE both wrote very honest posts with honest questions.  I loved both posts, because they are questions that I have as well.

I was also a huge fan of Jennifer's post.  Along with trying to figure out praying, I've got this feeling of being stuck.  I can't seem to get to where I'm going (or even know where that is).  Sometimes, that's where God can work because I'm finally out of the way.

Finally, Young Mom has a great post (she often does have great posts).  It's too easy sometimes to think that what I'm going through is unique.  It is unique in a way, but it's unique like everyone else's crosses are unique. We all have something.  We all struggle.

I think there were some others, but those were the ones that really stuck out to me recently.


  1. I read all those posts, too. Lately, I have been trying to find a more prayerful life...devote myself to scripture, seek the will of God in all things. What I have noticed is how noisy my life is. With the children, the activities, the jobs, the finance troubles...but all of these posts helped me remember that I am not alone...there are struggles many of us face. We all need compassion and mercy and love.


  2. Those were very good posts, as was yours ~ so please keep blogging and adding to the conversation.

  3. I enjoy your posts, you really think things through, and I have my share of posts that have no real point. :) Thanks for linking!