Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perseverance in Prayer (Thoughts of a VERY Levelheaded Christian)

I admit it, I can get a bit of an attitude sometimes.  I can do it with anyone, and someone telling me what to do is just the thing to make me to tell them that I will not be doing that, whatever "that" may be at the time.  You know those people that will do anything for their friends or family?  I'm not one of those.  I'll likely help if you ask (and if you're not asking for something silly), but if you tell me, there is a contrary streak that rises up every time.  I'd say I can't control it, but who knows?  I'm not sure I've ever tried.

I'm contrary with God, too.  Sometimes, when I pray for something and He doesn't answer, I narrow my eyes and say "Fine! Be that way!  I'll just pray some more!  So there!"  (Yes, I'm very mature for my age; 30 going on 5...)


WAIT!  You don't think God knows reverse psychology do you???

Honestly, I don't know why He answers some prayers and not others.  I don't like to wait and not know when or if there's going to be some awesome answer for something.  Somedays it makes me feel closer to Him to keep praying, and sometimes it makes me feel worn out, like my knuckles are getting raw from knocking at the door and I've sent myself on a fool's errand.

I know that there are those out there that think I'm a fool Christian to pray.  If you are one of those, will you please tell me?  You can even tell me to stop if you want! It might give me the motivation I need to keep going...


  1. Oh, I am totally with you on that contrary streak! And I love the idea that God's using reverse psychology on you :)

  2. Interesting concept. I go through spurts with my prayer life. Sometimes I pray a lot. Others, I struggle but at least get in the regular before/after meal prayers and bedtime prayers. A priest told me that praying is like being an athlete who wants to be good at a sport...the athlete has to practice. SAme with prayer, apparently. I wish that analogy had spurred the prayer life I was hoping for.

  3. I've always loved this quote, as it says so well what I believe about prayer.
    "Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can't imagine." - Kathleen Norris

  4. I totally follow you on this! Stubborn could be deemed an understatement where I'm concerned sometimes. I like the analogy Michelle gave. and I love the quote from Charlie.

  5. Michelle and Charlie- both very good points! I think that's really the reason that it doesn't seem pointless to keep on praying. It does help and it does make a difference, even when the things that I'm praying for don't seem to be changing.