Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In the Fog

I have to admit that there have been a lot of times in the last few years that I've been hanging out in the fog.  I feel like I have lost some part of myself, and I can catch glimpses of me sometimes, but not always.

I'm thinking about the fog today because there is such a heavy fog/mist today that I can't see anything of the mountains.  I know they're there, but I can't see them at all.  My desires seem to have become that fog obscuring God.  I don't feel that I can know His will right now.  But if I can't, it's because I'm not ready or willing or able to let go of my own desires long enough to see His.

In many ways this Advent has been a very good thing.  Although I still don't feel that I can quite pray how I should (wholeheartedly saying, "Thy will be done", no matter what His will is), I'm feeling a little closer to that.  I got a picture the other day that really captures Advent for me this year.

The fog is still there, but the sun is shining and the mountains are beginning to take more shape.


  1. Beautiful picture and I really appreciate the imagery of awaiting God's wisdom as the fog clears. Thank you.

  2. That picture really captures the sense you describe. I hope the fog continues to clear for you!

    For me, the "fog" also comprises some anxiety & fear ... I pray to "desire to desire" God's will above all things. But I am having trust issues - how long will this state of suspended animation go on? I suppose it's really up to me, after all, you can ask God's help to live life to the fullest wherever you are. But anxiety/fear is a big part of what holds me back.

    It's good to hear that this Advent season has been meaningful for you :) I hope the Christmas season brings you much joy, peace and direction!