Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walking and Texting (A Theory)

We all know that driving and texting is horribly distracting and is as likely to cause an accident as drunk driving.  I have a theory that walking and texting could also be a little disastrous.  Maybe not people dying disastrous (unless you're walking on the edge of a cliff or crossing a road), but problematic nonetheless.

Now I cannot stress enough that this is a theory.

Absolutely, totally, completely hypothetical.

For example:

What if you were texting people while you tried to iron out details of an upcoming visit. You'd be distracted by working out the specifics, right?  So you might not notice when you return to your apartment that you only went up one flight of stairs instead of two.

Now, texting is so distracting that you might not even think about how weird it is that your key doesn't turn in your lock, and if you really weren't thinking you might automatically reach for the doorknob and try to open the door.

In fact, if it weren't for the fact that that apartment has stairs where yours has a hallway, you might have walked into a stranger's apartment.  That's how far the texting distraction can take you. In any case, at whatever point you come out of this texting daze, you will realize that the high heeled, loud, slippery boots you are wearing are not ideal for the quick and quiet fleeing of the scene that you will now have to undertake.


That's my theory anyway.

I guess we'll never know for sure unless someone decides to test out this theory. Me?  I think walking and texting is too dangerous.  I would never do such a thing.



  1. HAHA! Totally something I would do...that clearly you would NOT. :)

  2. oh I saw this title and was worried because I HAVE heard of crazy texting and walking stories. Por ejemplo, the family we were living with in Mexico for about a month. While we were living there the host mom broke BOTH of her wrists and was in casts up past her elbows because...you guessed it...she fell down the stairs while texting and walking! Isn't that nuts?! She had to get a pin in one wrist because it was such a bad break and she was in the casts for 6 weeks. Probably just got out, actually!
    Ok, sorry for stealing your thunder but that was too much of a coinkidink.

  3. Haha! And oh my gosh, Alison's story is crazy! At least you were just suffering from embarrassment and not from actual physical injury!