Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Sister's Would Be Matchmaker

We all know that I am dying to meet a man, fall in love, get married and have about half a dozen kids. (Four would work, too.) My sister is seven years younger than me, and she is in the same position, only she would like to go for the full dozen kids. So you can see that she needs to get married soon!

Good news in her situation! She has a self-appointed matchmaker, who we will call Father B. (Because he's a priest, and his name starts with a B.) I love Father B. He's a big man with a big laugh and a big heart. When he stands up for the opening prayer, he opens the prayer book and backs way up. Just when you're sure there's no possible way he could read the words in the book, no matter how far sighted he must be, he stops and prays. His homilies are the best because he cracks himself up. When he laughs, I know that I will laugh. He has the best laugh ever. Deep, rolling. Awesome. Even confession with him was the funniest confession I've ever been a part of. Hard to feel quite as contrite when you have to laugh.

He is burning up with love for God. He may joke his way through the homily, but he's always going to give an great point to ponder. When it comes to the Eucharistic prayer and the consecration, the laughter is put aside and his reverence is almost palpable. He also has a deep love for Mary.

He's been my grandparents' priest for a year or two now, which is how I've been able to go to a couple of Masses with him. He is now my sister's priest as well since she moved to that area a couple of months ago. A few days after she moved, I got a text from her: "Father B is trying to set me up."

Apparently there is a nice Catholic gentleman in the area (a firefighter, I think) that Father thinks needs to be set up with a nice Catholic young lady teacher. Great, right? ... Except for the fact that there are TWO Catholic young lady teachers that recently moved to the area, and Father doesn't seem to care much which one gets set up with the firefighter. Not only that, but the firefighter, last we knew, was still dating someone else! (Though he apparently wasn't all that serious about her... how we have all this info, I don't really know.)

Ahh, the single life with all the helpful people. :)

On the serious side, please pray for my sister to find the man she is to marry. I have never met anyone more fit for the married life and raising children. (Personally, I think it would be fantastic to have her marry the firefighter with Father B officiating...) Also, please pray for Father B. He is a man living out a vocation in a way that can set many others on fire for God, so he could use all the prayer cover he can get!


  1. Beautiful! I'll have them all in my prayers. And you too :)

  2. Praying now, today, for you have such a generous spirit, I have to lift you up as well, but of course, I'm also praying for your dear sister and the jolly priest of your sister's parish.

  3. Oh, goodness...this reminds me of my priest from my grad school campus church. He is awesome and really encourages students to pursue their vocation, whatever it is. He decided to help me out with mine by setting me up with this great Catholic guy. "Ok," I said, "let's do it." He then proceeded to show the guy my Facebook picture...and the guy decided not to go out with me. Harsh! So I was offended, and had never even met the guy (which made it awkward when we did later meet). :-/ (I thought it was a pretty good picture, too!).

    Here's hoping your sister's set-up goes better than that!