Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Believe in God

I think atheists are very reasonable people. Of course, they are widely varying types of people like everyone else, but the ones that I have had some sort of contact with are thoughtful and intellectual. Some have contempt for those that believe in a god, others pity, but by and large many have good and thoughtful reasons for what they believe. I really wouldn't want to take on many of their arguments. I guess I'm not quite sure how to meet their arguments on their terms (that there is no god). Of course, by the same token, their arguments fail to convince me because they don't meet me on my terms (that there is a God).

For example, today I was reading a post in which the question was asked to atheists, "what would it take for you to believe that there is a god?" Many of them had a very hard time coming up with anything that seemed even a little convincing to them. I, on the other hand, have a hard time coming up with anything that would not convince me. You see a blade of grass? It's astounding! The way it grows, the way the cells are uniform, the way that it reproduces. Did it evolve from something into something? Sure, but how does that make it any less something that was ultimately created?

Science can explain how the grass grows. Science can explain what it evolved from, and which species are most closely related. I love science, and I love that it leads to continued learning about this world around us. I don't understand how this precludes God. While I agree that evolution is a random process, my brain is absolutely stymied by the idea that such a world with such order in a mere blade of grass could not have something behind it all. Throw in the rest of the universe on top of that and you want me to believe that it was all a random process? I couldn't get randomly dropped Pick Up Sticks to fall into a pattern, no matter how many billions of years I tried to do it. I fail to believe that a mere random process* could lead to this complex and patterned universe we live in.

I have to laugh, because this means that atheists and I are at quite an impasse. There is nothing that is large enough to convince them of God's existence, and nothing small enough not to convince me. We are both left having to say that any facts can be twisted to be used to support whichever belief system, no matter how erroneous. Of course, we (pick a side) are the right one and they are the wrong one.

I am fascinated by this conundrum, and don't really know the way around it. However, I think there must be a way. Atheists and I are both convinced that science and reason has to be true on some level, and how can its truth be worth anything at all if we can't discover something from it?

*Though clearly random process plays a part. You can't even believe what science teaches about micro-evolution without believing that.


  1. so True...the part about not being able to meet with each other on each other's terms. I often like reading Jennifer Fulwiler's conversion post because of how she decided to just try living as if she believed God existed. I think that was a tremendous gift God gave her to give her the Grace to do that.

    I can't imagine ever wanting to try and live my life believing there was no God. I don't think I could do it.

    Ok...not cool...and completely NOT related: the word verification brought up a word that was the same as the last name of a boyfriend in high school (and not the good kind of boyfriend either) LOL

  2. I'm with you, I don't think that I could live as though God didn't exist. I know it's not an experiment I'll try. I could see an atheist using that as an argument that such an experiment leads to emotions and that's all it is. All I can say is, I wouldn't make it without Him!

    That is so random about the wv! Not cool! (But a little funny.)

  3. Without God in my life, I could not cope. Thank you for the inpiration!