Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Dim Bulb Moment

It may be possible that I like the liturgy a little bit. It may also be possible that I enjoy finding out about the Jewish roots that anchor our understanding of our faith. Still I miss things sometimes. Actually, I'm not sure if I've noticed this before, and just forgot that I knew about it or what. (It would be really embarrassing if I blogged about it before and then forgot that I knew it and got excited and blogged about it again...)

Anyway, when I read about the Jewish liturgy before the time of Christ, you always hear about "the holy place" in the Temple. Today, at RCIA, Father was talking about the different parts of the church, and he mentioned the sanctuary. As a Catholic, I'm familiar with the term for where the altar and tabernacle and everything is. Father was then talking about how "sanctus" meant "holy". It dawned on me that, like the Jews of old, we have a holy place! I love it. (This is also why, though I think that many such churches do bring people to Christ, you will not find me in a place where the pastor stands on a "stage".)

Not only that, but "tabernacle" means "tent". This, of course, brings to mind John 1:14 "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." It also recalls the tent of the Jews in the desert. We, like the wandering Jews, are still on a journey, searching for the Promised Land. The Jews' search ended and the permanent temple was built in Jerusalem. Our search will not end until the new Jerusalem, in a holy place not built by human hands (see Hebrews 9).


Also, this is unrelated, but makes me laugh. We were talking about the alcoves where the statues and candles are. It reminded me of a comment I read recently about a Catholic that likes to earnestly exclaim to objecting non-Catholic Christians, "But we don't worship Mary! We worship statues of Mary."

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