Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bible Study

Lucky for me, I have an amazing friend who is willing to do Bible study with me. We had Bible study by phone tonight, and I needed it. It was so fantastic to be able to discuss the Bible with her again.

When I moved out here, I started a blog that we hoped to continue doing Bible discussions. I lasted about a week or two and dropped it. Now I'm going to start writing some of my thoughts as I study the book of Hebrews with her. It's a highly informal study, so it's just a couple of people's thoughts on what they are thinking as they read the Bible. No great scholarly insights, no real structure, just discussion. If by chance you might like to join the discussion, feel free! Just read the first chapter of Hebrews, and share any thoughts you might have. If you want to do more than just leave a comment, let me know. I'll be happy to put up a post, too.


  1. That sounds awesome and fun!! I might join you on this!

  2. i never new where you were doing the bible study...if it was this blog or another.....i kept reading this one...i just assumed you decided not to do.....sorry no one gave me your blog for bible study! i would have read not sure i could have added anything to it but i would have tryed! i miss you friend and your insite in our bible study discussions....