Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little Perspective

Good old Paul and his chains. I was reading some of Paul's letters to Timothy. Can't remember the part exactly, but once again Paul was into embracing his afflictions. Good for Paul.

For me, this has been one of those weeks. The weeks where I want so much to be a wife and mother that I can't stand it. I wonder if I will ever get to have the chance, and I can't stand wondering. Everywhere I look, my friends are having babies, rejoicing on facebook over their families, getting married, what have you. When I go shopping, I can't help but notice all the couples holding hands and whatnot. I was almost ready to fall into one of my "woe is me" pity parties, but I wasn't allowed to.

If I quit my navel-gazing, and open my eyes a little wider, there is a lot of other stuff to be seen. Families that are having financial concerns. Parents worried about children in one way or another. Husbands worried about whether they can support their wives/families. Couples that want nothing more than to have children, but that have to wait due to various reasons. Health problems.

This is always true, but there was one person in particular that has given me strength this week. She is one of the sweetest people that you could ever hope to meet. And if I was in her situation, I would crawl in a hole and never come out. She had a very difficult life growing up, and she now has more health issues than you can shake a stick at. There are many issues, but 4 or 5 of them are major diseases, things that would test most of us just on their own. These recently led to a fall, which led to excruciating pain, but she can't take so much as a Tylenol because of the way that her body reacts to it. She may have an injury that would typically require surgery, but because of how her body reacts to anesthetic, she can't have surgery. Therefore, she may have very limited use of an arm.

I wish you could meet this woman and witness her strength and her grace. It is beautiful. She embraces life, and she lives it, despite the challenges. She accepts the challenges and the pain matter of factly. It is a part of her life. I don't doubt that is harder to do sometimes when she is home alone at night, but I get the feeling she doesn't waste a lot time on pity parties like other people (namely, me).

I figured that if she could be who she was, then maybe I could try a little harder. And you know what? Life is beautiful. And there really isn't enough time for pity parties. It doesn't mean that we have to like the hard things, or stop praying for them to change. We should work and pray for them to change. But I don't need to let my life become too focused on that.

Kacie and Young Mom (both bloggers that I admire) have also written some posts recently that were of particularly good timing for me with what I've been thinking about. Not to mention this post by Sarah, which is the perfect prayer right now.

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  1. yeah, you're so right. Contentment in whatever your circumstances are is a huge deal. It's amazing how much even good things that I'm glad to have (like marriage) doesn't actually increase your happiness. Happiness and contentment is completely based elsewhere, and rejoicing in the blessings you've been given is something that really is the same regardless of how great or small your blessings are...

    It's a strange thing.