Friday, July 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Somehow a whole week went by without me posting. How did that happen? Actually, I know partly how that happened, and it's really dorky, so I'm not sure I should share. But I will. You know I will. I got a jigsaw puzzle, and I've been doing that in my spare time. I've also gotten out to walk and I've been getting stuff done; met a friend for coffee (we both had smoothies actually; I'm not a coffee drinker). And there's been stuff going on, but not really stuff that lends itself to a post (work and so forth). So it's not just the puzzle, but it's partly the puzzle.

2) I really liked the coffee shop we went to the other day. It's Greek Orthodox, and it's got a whole reading room upstairs with Greek Orthodox and Catholic books. It's interesting, because with all the icons and stuff, it feels very homey, even though I'm not Greek Orthodox. Can't wait to spend some time and money there and do some fun reading!

3) I still haven't gotten my car registered. Today (hopefully) is the day. It's a little strange. I can't wait to have it done and taken care of. I can't wait to blend in instead of sticking out, but there's a little part of me that doesn't want to change my license plates. My car will look different and it will be one more thing from home that won't be anymore. How silly is it to get sentimental about a license plate? That's not a rhetorical question, I really want to know!

4) I'm still church hopping. There are some nice churches out there, and there are a couple that I think I would be happy with. However, now I'm just curious and there are a few more that I want to check out. I'm also going to have a whole list of Mass times, so I'll be able to have my pick of what works best for me on any given day!

5) I had a conversation with a person the other day. We have some similar viewpoints, but I can't tell this person how widely our viewpoints differ in other areas. Anyway, he made a disparaging remark about "organized religion". My thought, that I couldn't tell him, was that it seemed to me that disorganized religion was a much bigger problem. Many churches want to try to get away from the "stigma" of religion. They want to get away from doctrines and creeds. The problem is that then there is nothing to stand on. You may then be basing your system of beliefs on a few out of context Bible verses. The organized system of belief allows you to take the entirety of the Bible in context. Certainly the "rules" are not always fun and certainly not always easy, but they are good and there is a reason for them in organized religion. Yes, organized religion can and does have serious issues at times. But it's usually due to our ignoring what we should be doing or by our trying to live out that religion in our pride rather than in love. It's not because organized religion itself is wrong.

6) This might be a busy weekend. I'm going to make another try for a book discussion tonight. We'll see what happens. It didn't work so well last time, but now I know exactly where they meet. I'm going to the zoo Saturday, and I'll be hiking Sunday. Right now I'm supposed to be hiking with a group, but that may fall through. I'll have to have a Plan B in place, but there has to be a hike! Anyway, I won't be stuck in the apartment all weekend.

7) Plenty more to say, I'm sure, but I have to get ready for work. Now! So have a wonderful weekend, and for more Quick Takes, head over to Jen's.


  1. 1. Haha, I love puzzles! They're more of a winter activity in my book, though - you know, for those days when you can't go hiking.

    5. The problem is disorganized religion - excellent point!

  2. I've been wondering where you've been! (Not in a creeper way!) I often do that too... I'll look when the last time was when I wrote and it's been nearly a week- I feel like I have so much to catch up on!

  3. I know what you mean about the license plate. Isn't it weird how just a plate can make the car look different?
    Looks like you may eventually get to talk to your friend about religion. Keep us up to date on what happens!

  4. Puzzles would keep me occupied for hours if I dared lay one out. At this time the pieces would only be glorified cat toys and a constant game of "pick em up off the floor".

    I kinds of understand what your friend means by "organized religion". I also totally agree with what you say about "disorganized" religion. I have found that there are often times that the "organization" of religious practice can become more important than the faith behind it. It morphs into a set of "do's and donts" which can take over for genuine faith. That happens not only for the faithful but often for the clergy as well.

  5. "How silly is it to get sentimental about a license plate? That's not a rhetorical question, I really want to know!"

    It is not silly at all in your situation. It is a physical reminder of something (place) you love.

    And yay for puzzles!

  6. 1) A jigsaw puzzle would be enough to distract me for a week (your sudoku puzzle is always tempting too).

    5) This was one of the things that drew me back to the Catholic church -the fact that there were rules and traditions, and that they didn't change just to please people.