Friday, June 4, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Now my landlord and I are really fighting. I came home last night to find that my apartment stinks. They had to do a refrigerator repair, and I'm assuming that the smell is related to that somehow. Even though it kind of smells like stogeys, but my landlord doesn't do that. Still, gross!

2. Speaking of my landlord, I still haven't figured out what to tell him about the grape juice stains. The truth- that I spilled a glass of grape juice- doesn't seem to quite be enough. I still can't figure out how it got on the ceiling and two walls 10 feet apart. I don't really expect him to understand!

3. Tomorrow is day 1 of 3 for moving day. Tomorrow we pack, Sunday we drive, and Monday I move in. I don't start work until Wednesday, so that leaves one free day to let the hiking begin. Clearly there are other things I could be doing on Tuesday, but my mom will still be there and she wants to hike, too.

4. Yesterday I did a bunch of address changes, signed up for a hiking group, and talked to my friend out there. She told me that there was an ENDOW group starting up soon, and asked if I wanted to go with her. Yes, please!

5. Last night was my last Bible study with the girls. I held babies and hung out with them, and pretended that it was just another week of many that I would be hanging out with them. It actually worked pretty well at the time, but it's not working so well this morning...

6. It's seriously time for me to move. Not only are we getting perilously close to the point that one more goodbye is going to send me over the edge and make me never leave, but also my pants are getting tight. You see, I have eaten out a lot in the last few weeks. All that eating with friends before I go, I don't regret any of that weight. However, I have also been self-medicating for the stress with pudding cups and other chocolate and stuff. I'm not going to be too upset with myself for that, either, but it's not near as worth it as the extra food with friends. See, this is why I need to start hiking on Tuesday... or maybe we can get moved in quickly enough Monday that we can take advantage of some of the hikes that are going to be literally in my new backyard.

7. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a moving whirlwind you're in right now! You'll get through it! And I'm quite excited you're going to get to join an ENDOW group!

  2. Wow...moving is so intimidating and exciting! Can't wait to hear how it goes. and I'm jealous of the ENDOW group...

  3. wow that had to be quite a spill I feel for you with all the moving and problems that you face hope it all gets better

  4. I'm also jealous of the ENDOW group! Hope your moving goes smoothly!

  5. Even though it takes a while to feel like home, it is always better once you have finally moved!

  6. I probably sound like an old lady with a penchant for carpet remover...but I have removed NAIL POLISH from carpet with this cleaner called Krud Kutter. You find it in the paint thinner aisle at Home Depot. It works wonders and doesn't thin the carpet.

    Anyway, good luck! Prayers for safe travels!! And, that's so cool there's an ENDOW group there! The only one we have in the whole state is in the +55 retirement city. Woo.