Sunday, March 7, 2010

What I Would Like to Look at Next...

I really enjoyed doing a little research into Baptism. I learned more than what I could post. I think my favorite parts were looking into a deeper understanding of Judaism and I also loved how some of the quotes of the Church fathers were so close to exactly what the Catechism of the Catholic Church said. I love that there is such a continuity!

The last post was the most difficult to write, however. Not because it was hard to find the info or anything like that, but because my brain was already starting to flit ahead to what I would like to do next. During Lent, we gradually draw closer and closer to the death of Jesus. The passion and death of Jesus, the Mass, the Eucharist; all of these things are more and more on my mind as Lent moves closer and closer to Holy Week. These things are completely bound together, to study one is to study the others.

Things that I would like to look at in the next couple of days to weeks include:

Abraham's offering of Isaac.
Possibly the covenant between Abraham and God.
Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).
Korban Todah (Sacrifices of thanksgiving).

You may notice that this is all Old Testament stuff. So true. It is easy to talk about the Eucharist and the Passion of Jesus by turning to the New Testament, but only looking at that misses SO MUCH. For example, you miss exactly why the Eucharist is so completely bound up with the sacrifice of the cross. You miss how the one sacrifice of the Cross can be the one sacrifice that is made present on the altar at Mass day after day week after week.

I can't wait to research this stuff, and I hope that you'll enjoy reading about it as much as I'll enjoy studying it!


  1. I'm pumped, and can't wait to read more! I love that you're coming at it from an OT angle.

  2. I can't wait! I love the Old Testament!