Friday, February 19, 2010

Three Days in...

Lent has just begun. I hope everyone's off to a good start! I didn't get to go to Mass on Ash Wednesday because of work, but other than that, it's good here. I went to Mass this evening (praise God for the wonderful priest at my parish that works to have a daily Mass twice a day throughout Lent) and the priest had a great homily about fasting, prayer and almsgiving.

He pointed out that there is something about fasting, about self-denial of our bodies that opens up our souls. But he told us that we couldn't stop with fasting; we also had to add prayer. All I could think about was that when we fast we are creating a space in ourselves, and that through prayer we are inviting God to fill that space. Then he reminded us that this openness to God should lead to loving our neighbor. I really like that he didn't just call it "almsgiving", but reminded us that all of it is to lead to love of God and love of neighbor.

You know, I never thought about that connection. It makes sense that they fit together in that way, but I never saw how one led to the other like that! Maybe you knew it all along, but sometimes I need a little help.

Here's wishing you a grace-filled Lent!


  1. Those are wonderful observations. Thank you!

  2. Monsignor had similar thoughts in his homily this week. I got the fasting part down, but need to add prayer on the days of fasting. I think I will most likely try to make daily 12:15 Mass on the days I fast during lent (thinking Wednesdays and Fridays...) I was just going to fast during Fridays...but then Monsignor's homily really got me thinking and I think I could handle Wednesdays and Fridays. He gave several Biblical examples of the Holy Spirit being with those who specifically *fasted* and prayed. And well, I just can't get enough Holy Spirit in my life I think. :)

  3. I learn so much from your blog! It's interesting to think about fasting and prayer fitting together so well.

    P.S.Glad you didn't give up the blog for Lent. ;)