Monday, February 8, 2010

Along Came a Snowstorm

Can I just say that I'm excited to have time to do stuff again? To sit and read blogs, and not just skim them. To follow the links if I am so inclined, and especially to comment (this is why "blogging" is a verb; just reading them is no fun if you can't participate in some small way). Last week may have only been a week to you, but it felt like two weeks to me. I am a pansy, and should I work much more than 40-45 hours in a week, I wilt. I don't know how people do it that work 60-70 hour weeks regularly, but I could not handle it. 60 hours of work related activity was about 20 too many in my book.

I even had to give up my Saturday for a con ed course. Thankfully it was a really good one, but I need TWO days of weekend. One just doesn't cut it. I got up today and wasn't sure how I could handle the upcoming week, especially Monday and Tuesday. Monday was supposed to be 10 hours and Tuesday 15. But then this little snow storm came along. I got to leave work early today, my early morning meeting tomorrow got rescheduled, and the chances of the basketball game happening tomorrow are between slim and none. I'm as sick of snow as the next person, but I have to say that this particular snowstorm has excellent timing! It's not ruining a single fun plan of mine and because of it I get to sleep in tomorrow and have an evening tomorrow night. Not bad.

I know you're probably bored now with various postings about my schedule; I don't blame you. But guess what! This also means that I get to write a real blog post, too. I can't guarantee that it'll be worth the wait, but I know I'm excited to get a regular blog post up where it belongs.

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  1. I know everyone is posting that they're sick of snow, but I wish I had some. It's 65 degrees where I'm at! Glad you're back to normal. :) 60 hours a week is a killer.