Friday, January 15, 2010

Where Have I Been?

No, I'm asking you. Well, maybe not you (how would you know?) but someone. Surely someone can tell me where I've been all week. I mean, it's been busy, but it doesn't seem like it should have been so busy that I've barely blogged. I don't know. I guess I've been working a lot. And having fun; though work seems to predominate. Huh. I guess I didn't work Monday. How was this everlasting week only 4 days long?

Let's see. Monday I had the day off and went shopping. I spent too much; and I have to go back tomorrow to spend more return/exchange one of the shirts that I bought. I also made cookies. (My favorite- Mrs. Fields' cookies.) I have officially eaten way too many cookies this week. And I finally got to hang out with a friend that I see far too little of these days! Monday was good, but it honestly feels like I'm telling you about something that happened 2 weeks ago.

Tuesday was a basketball game. Basketball days pretty much shoot the rest of the day for me. Heh heh. Shoot. Get it?

Gimme a break. It's been a long week and the ol' synapses are NOT firing real well.

I got to try to get a band aid to stick on a sweaty face that really needed stitches. I couldn't get a butterfly stitch to work due to the sweatiness of the face and the fact that it had to be fully covered if he was going to keep playing. The cut didn't bother me. The fact that I couldn't find any way to hold the edges together for the remainder of the game; that kind of grossed me out. I'd say more, but I know there are a few people with weak stomachs that sometimes read this and I've probably said too much already!

Wednesday I went out to eat with my coworker. Have I mentioned that my receptionist is the sweetest girl ever? She is. The only reason that I'm not heartbroken about her leaving in May (she's getting married) is that I'll be leaving in July. Anyway, the food was good, but not great. For the price we paid, we wanted great.

Thursday night was fantastic! Too short, but I got to hang out with a lot of my friends and their amazing kids. After spending too much time trying to think at work all week, it was great to play a game of "chase" with a 2-year-old, where all I had to do was run with him from one room to the other while listening to him giggle. Best game ever! Also enjoyed a nice conversation with his 7 month old brother (how is he 7 months already?) Here's how the conversation went down:

Him: "Aahh."
Me: "Aahh?"
Him: "AAHH."
Me: "Aahh!"

He is seriously cute. Ridiculously cute. And not many guys are so open and honest about their feelings. He's a rare find.

Today I was at work at 7 am, and didn't leave the high school gym until 9 pm. I wasn't exactly working the entire time, but I was at the clinic most of the time. I was supposed to get some paperwork done from the time the patients left to the time that I headed to the school for the game. I did to a little, but ultimately decided to spend time on food, a few exercises, and pulling out the hot packs for the ginormous knot in my back. The good news about the long day is that the boys finally won a basketball game. No injuries, so that was a plus as well. I did have to cover up the cut again, but this time it was stitched up tight, so it was fine.

I got home today and didn't know what to do with myself. My brain was too tired to think, to read, to process a movie, to write. It was also too wound up to sleep. I decided that MORE cookies and catching up on some blog reading was the way to go. Then the sugar kicked in, and I decided I could write something, too. Now I'm still not quite ready to go to bed, but I'm going to have to, because I want to go to morning Mass tomorrow.

Here's hoping that

a) I didn't bore you too bad with this run down of my week and

b) that you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!


  1. In my mind "living" is always better than blogging, so good for you!

    I don't like the thought of a 14 hour work day with a knot in your back!

  2. so glad we got to be part of your crazy week...and that we got to add some crazy to it. :) Love love love from me and the boys...