Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seriously! When will it be Spring??

I woke up this morning to the sound of frozen rain hitting my windows. Yuck!

My 7:00 patient is someone trying to get in before school. School is cancelled. Therefore, my 7:00 patient will probably cancel. However, unless I actually hear from them, I still have to get on the icy roads early enough to be at the clinic at 7:00 just in case. (I have my calls forwarded on days like today, so if only they call in time, I will get it. Please call in time!) My 7:30 will also probably cancel. All of my little old ladies will probably also cancel.

The good news is that I will have a short day. The bad news is I won't get to do anything fun with it, because it's not smart to be out and around on icy roads. Tomorrow is also supposed to be bad, but I hope it's not. There's supposed to be wrestling tomorrow, and I want it to happen. Not because I love wrestling so much, but because if they don't have it tomorrow, they'll have to reschedule to another evening, possibly one where I could have done something fun.

I'm really getting tired of winter. Is it over yet?


  1. Unfortunately, spring doesn't officially start until march 21...I am not sure where you live, but where I live...that means yuck for at least another two months (and probably another month after).

    But, I'm ready!!!

  2. Ever heard that Christian song: "Praying for Sunny Days?" It's by Hyper Static Union. I'm not a physical therapist, doctor, or nurse, but I'm ordering you a dose of that song STAT!

  3. I hope that the wrestling happened so that it does not ruin your scheduled fun for another evening.

    I was actually a bit too warm for parts of today, so how about if we split the difference in temperature?

  4. I'm SO with you - want to fly south until March or even April?