Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Plan

I am the poster child for poor resolution keeping. It's because my balance is dreadful. Either my goals are wide and vague and impossible or because they are so detailed and specific that I will fail as a matter of course.

Example of the first:

1) I will exercise more.
2) I will eat healthier.
3) I will spend my money more intelligently.
4) I will keep my place cleaner and more organized.

Example of the second:
1) I will do at least 40 minutes of cardio 6 days per week and 20 minutes of strength training 2 times per week for each body area; so arms are Monday, Thursday, core is Tuesday, Friday and legs on Wednesday and Saturday.
2) I will monitor specific serving sizes of my well-balanced, whole foods, unprocessed diet, cooking everything from scratch in all my free time.
3) I will track every single penny I spend and cut out all the extra books, splurge spending at the grocery store, make a plan for cutting back and carefully budgeting every dime.
4) I will meticulously clean out all my files, and closets. I will keep my floors constantly vacuumed and scrubbed. My dishes will be done at all times.

The first are so vague that I don't get started. The second are so burdensome that I don't get past making a to-do list for the first day. That or I do them one day, and am too physically and mentally drained to consider doing them a second day.

This year is different. Yeah, yeah. You've heard it before, haven't you? Well, I'm not kidding. This year is different.

The same basic 4 apply, but some I've already started. Also, instead of aiming for what I think I should be doing, I've decided to focus on what I know I can do.

1) I will work out 30 minutes 3 times per week.
2 & 3) I will do my grocery shopping from a list.
4) Besides normal maintenance cleaning, I will try to spend 10 minutes a day doing whatever cleaning needs to be done.

So far, I started #1 a week ago. That's only 2 workouts so far (hopefully 3 by the time you this). As for 2 & 3, I haven't started yet, but I plan to make the list tonight so I can shop tomorrow. I've determined that my biggest money drain is my groceries. The same impulse buying that drains the cash when I'm tired and hungry doesn't lead to smart nutritional choices either. One simple action to address two problems? I think I can handle that. Number 4 is the reason that my spare room is no longer a huge disaster! I started that a month ago, and it took the whole month to get it to where it is today, but it really is in a much better place. I wouldn't be mortified if my grandma were to poke her head through the door.

In some ways, I feel like I'm cheating. The goals almost seem too easy. Not challenging enough to make me a better person or whatever. Oh, well. If I'm cheating, then I will gladly be a cheater. I have a sense of accomplishment for what I have gotten done. I don't have a huge load of pressure of all that I have failed. And I know I can do it again tomorrow. I love being able to focus on what I have done, rather than what I haven't done.

Happy New Year's, 2010!


  1. We started making a weekly menu a few years ago. I was amazed at how much less we spent and how we ate more healthy. Part of this is because we dont have a grocery store in our town so we need to plan ahead. I still buy extras but if I shop with my husband he keeps me in check! (We make our menu and then go shopping, some very smart people look at the ads to see what is on sale, then make a menu around that!) Good luck with your goals- I am confident you can do it!! (I should work on you #1` and #4)

  2. "I don't have a huge load of pressure of all that I have failed."

    That sounds like a perfect resolution in and of itself!

    Happy 2010 to you!

  3. I don't think you're cheating, you're actually setting real goals and accomplishing them. Good for you!