Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day!

So, the snow that came down Sunday was all pretty and sparkly.  Yesterday and today, I have discovered one of the great truths in life: vertical snow is much prettier than horizontal snow.

Horizontal snow does not say softness, light and Christmas.  It doesn't say anything at all.  It doesn't have to.  Its meanness is clearly understood by anyone taking a quick glance out the window.  

On the other hand, I have a snow day!  Do you know how excited I am?  Usually when the weather's bad, I still have to try to find a way to work.  And it's ridiculous because all the patients normally cancel anyway.  I haven't had a genuine snow day in years!  I brought some work home last night, just in case (there's always paper work, even if there are no patients) and I have some con ed classes to work on, so I can still do some stuff.  I'm just loving that I can listen to the wind howling outside (and it is howling) and I don't have to try to get out in it; I won't be getting stuck in a drift somewhere; I don't have to try to make my little Corolla try to stay on the road.  (My Corolla's a real lightweight; great for the gas, horrible for traction!)

I guess we had 15+ inches of snow before drifting made it impossible to keep track of measurements.  It was still coming down last I checked, but now it may just be blowing rather than coming down.  I never stay home all day.  Even on days I don't work, I'm always driving somewhere.  This is the best day ever! :)


  1. Enjoy! My children have a snow day from school. I, however, do not get a snow day from work! I wish I could though!!!!!

  2. Oh, happy snow day! I hope you're curling up on the couch with a blanket and something warm and ignoring all your work in favor of something fun like reading or watching videos!

  3. Im enjoying the day too! It was nice taht the school called it last night so I could sleep without wondering when the phone would ring in the morning! Im hoping that you are extra fortunate and do not have to worry about any shoveling. We started to shovel and it was so wet and heavy that we asked to borrow our neighbor's snowblower! Enjoy your day reading (and maybe doing a little work!)

  4. lucky you! It's been usually freezing cold here in Dallas, but of course.. no snow.