Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Right Thing at the Right Moment

One of the things that never fails to get to me when I'm alone too long or burnt out by work is all of the mistakes that I make, whether in sinning or agonizing over what magic bullet I'm missing to cure all my patients.

The other night was one of those nights that I could not let things go before going to bed. Some little impulse had me pick up a booklet by my bed. It's the Counsels of St. Francis de Sales. I'm thinking it was a divine nudge, because this is what I read:


Be patient with everyone, but above all with yourself; I mean, don't be disturbed about your imperfections, and always have the courage to pick yourself up after a fall. I'm very glad to hear that you make a fresh start each day. There is no better way of growing toward perfection in the spiritual life than to be always starting again and never thinking that we have done enough.

But most important, don't lose heart, be patient, wait, do all you can to develop a spirit of compassion. I have no doubt that God is holding you by the hand; if he allows you to stumble, it is only to let you know that if he were not holding your hand, you would fall. This is how he gets you to take tighter hold of his hand.


  1. "This is how he gets you to take tighter hold of his hand."

    Wow! That is powerful!