Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Week. Another Game.

The injuries seem a little less serious this week, but there were still a fair number.  Once again I managed to find plenty of sweat.  Also spit.  That was pleasant.  Tomorrow I will make my way down to the clinic for a veritable party of injured football players.  Nothing like a bright and early Saturday in the clinic.  Yay!

Today, right before the guys were getting ready to go on the field, I was standing around the corner of the locker room.  I wasn't in it, but I could hear everything: cleats skidding on the concrete floor, kids coughing, the occasional muted burst of laughter or the guys razzing each other.  They had to do it quietly, though, because Coach seems to like everyone to be quiet so they can get focused on the game.  Every 5 minutes or so, Coach would give them the update on how much time they had left to get ready.

Then Coach started talking, quietly but with intensity.  It wasn't quite time for the pre-game talk, so it was a little surprising.  

The first thing that I noticed was what a nice voice he has when he isn't yelling.  I think I noticed because I could only listen, and I couldn't see him.  Then I really started to hear what he was saying, and I noticed that they were words that I really need to hear sometimes, too.

"Don't be afraid of turnovers.  Go all out, and don't let fear change the way you run, the way you do things.

"When you make a mistake let it go.  Learn from it, and let it go.  You can't carry all those with you, it's too heavy a burden.

"Keep your head up and keep playing, every single play.  You never know what's going to happen in each play, so stick with it to the very end."

Preach it, Reverend Coach.

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