Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Nursery Rhyme Are You?

I am little Miss Muffet.  I have not sat on a tuffet that I know of, because I don't know what that is.  I have also not eaten curds and whey.  But a little baby spider came down to sit down beside me this morning, and I definitely ran the other direction.

I'm not what you would call a girly girl.  I like feminine things just fine, as long as they are not too much trouble, but I'm generally not the type to squeal or be all high-pitched about things.

But bugs?  I'm having to face the facts here.  I'm girly about bugs.  You should have seen me run when that spider let himself down from the ceiling this morning!  I still didn't react as badly to that as I did to all the ants...

Also bats.  I really, really don't like bats in the house.  Actually, I have a good story about that one.  My first year of grad school, my roomie was kind of a tomboy, athletic type all that.  She was less girly than me, and also what you would call low maintenance.  All year long, we listened to scratching in the walls.  I think we knew it was bats, but I don't remember now how we knew that.  She had to listen to it more than I did, because they were in the wall in her room.  We consoled ourselves that it probably wasn't scratching its way through the wall; and of course it couldn't get in.

After months of this, it definitely did get into the apartment.

I was in the other room on the phone (wow! I just remembered it was a land line, because I still didn't have a cell phone at that point!  I'm so far behind!) and suddenly my roommate starts screaming- high pitched girly girl screams-

This was followed by the door slamming as S ran out of her room.  Turns out that she had been doing something else, and looked down to see a big "leaf" on her shoe (not a shoe that was on her foot).  As she reached for it, she realized that it was a bat, sent the shoe flying across the room, leaving the bat lying stunned on the floor.  Of course, then I had to look.  Weird thing is, I absolutely had to put shoes on before I could open the door.  Don't know why, but I couldn't handle exposing bare toes to the bat; not sure why it would have a preference biting the toes to anywhere else, but that's my thought process.

When I opened the door, it was lying on the floor looking fairly lifeless.  I'm a chicken, so the mere sight of it was enough to make me slam the door immediately.  When I mustered up the courage to look again, it had moved about a foot, so it definitely wasn't dead.

We then spent some time flapping around being useless.  Adrenaline was pumping, but we didn't quite know what to do.  After the initial commotion, the neighbors checked in to make sure everything was okay.  I think they wanted to be sure that no one was being murdered or anything.  They actually came in to help us, but by then the bat had hidden itself and we couldn't find it anywhere.

No.  It's not disconcerting at all to have a bat hiding somewhere in your apartment.

Later, S saw it peeking out of her shoe, and she immediately found a garbage can to put over it, shoe and all.  We played around with the idea of putting something heavy on top of the garbage can, just to be sure, but that kept tipping the garbage can over.  Not good.  We did find a piece of cardboard to slide under the whole contraption; that was another fun moment, because apparently the bat had climbed out of the shoe and we managed to squish it a little bit.  We definitely heard some squeaks of protest.

After that, we stayed away with the door closed.  The maintenance man we called finally showed up, and took the whole garbage can/cardboard combo with him.  After he got rid of it (set it free somewhere else; I think it's illegal to kill bats), he brought back the shoe and everything.  I'm glad it wasn't my shoe.  Pretty sure a bat would bite your toe if you stuck your foot into the place it was hiding.

Again, the logic is pretty shaky, given that that particular bat was gone, and any shoe would be a good place for a bat.  I was just glad I didn't have to put on that shoe.


  1. Spiders **shiver**

  2. Spiders...yuk! My mother jars them and lets them go. I vacuum them up, I figure this gives them a 50/50 chance of survival.