Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ringbearer Wrangler

This weekend was another wedding for more close friends.  Lots of fun!  This time I got to be personal attendant.  Sometimes that can be a bit of a stressful, thankless job, but this time it was not.  There were two of us in that role, which helped a lot.  It doesn't hurt my feelings at all to boss people around, so trying to keep schedules somewhat on track is just fine with me.

The only slight downside is that I might have missed lunch in trying to get boutonnieres on everyone that needed one. (PS: Friend, if there are a lot of people with crooked boutonnieres in your wedding pictures, I apologize.  I'm much better at bossing people than pinning flowers!) It's also possible that our table was one of the last ones to be dismissed for supper.  I thought I was going to pass out.  I was probably nowhere close, but I get overly dramatic when my blood sugar's low.  I was reduced to asking my friend for some of her 1-year-old son's goldfish crackers! Pathetic, I know, but it least it helped that slightly dizzy-ish feeling to go away.  

I also told everyone that I would like the additional title of Ringbearer Wrangler.  The ringbearer at this wedding is a very precocious 2-year-old, who happens to be my little buddy (his parents were both in the wedding).  We have bonded in the last year over things like games of chase and hide and seek (really, glorified games of peekaboo) while the adults discussed adult things like upcoming weddings and babies. At the rehearsal, I didn't really have to pay attention, so I got to keep him occupied instead.  Seriously, do you see why I had the best job ever? Playing with 2-year-olds is way more fun than trying to figure out when you're supposed to sit, stand, process in and out and all that jazz.  We spent some time hanging out in the confessional.  The confessionals in that church only had heavy curtains, so first he thought it was great fun to hide there.  Then he wanted to sit on the chairs.  So we sat on the chairs and had an in-depth discussion of what sounds various animals make. We also marched a lot.  He's kind of a one-legged marcher.  He'd high step with the right, then normal step with the left. The right more than made up for what was lacking in the left.  He got some crazy high steps with an added odd mixture of lateral movement and kicking.

By far the most challenging job of being RW is getting the little man to wait until his turn to walk up the aisle and then to go when it is his turn.  Luckily, the flower girl is almost five and held his hand on the way up.  Also fortunate that there were two personal attendants, because it took both of us to keep him from A) wandering off (which one person could do) B) throwing a temper-tantrum because he couldn't wander off (definitely at least a 2 person job!).

Perhaps the most stressful part of this job was the pictures.  We did some outdoor pictures, but it was hot outside.  Worse yet, it was HUMID. It was hot and humid earlier in the day, but then we got a rain before we did these pictures, making it even worse.  There we were. Hot.  Dressed to the nines.  We have a two-year-old in a tux, and he's overheating.  I'm trying to keep him distracted when he's not in pictures.  Normally that's an easy task, but this time there are mud puddles to avoid.  We can't run around or play chase (always a sure-fire way to keep him entertained) because the poor kid was too hot already.  We also have to try to keep him clean, because we were doing pictures before the wedding.   So that eliminates a lot of climbing that he likes to do.  And sitting.  Luckily, one of the groomsmen gave him a teeny tiny pine cone which kept him busy for quite a while.  There were also plenty of sticks on the ground, and he was convinced that it was up to him to get them all snapped. (It was, too, because if he wasn't doing it, those twigs would not have gotten broken.)

It was lots of fun, and as proof, I give you one of our conversations from the day:

R: What's that?
Me: It's an ant.
R: It's a caterpillar.
Me: No, it's an ant.
R: What's a caterpillar say?


  1. I seriously love you more than words can say. What days work next week for you to come over for dinner???

  2. Also, I love that when I read your blog I feel like I'm talking to you. You're amazing.