Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Am a Slacking Slacker

I feel like such a slacker.  I am not working right now because I have to work a football game Friday, so I get some comp time right now.  It's perfect.  It should be guilt-free.  My internal clock is screaming at me to get to work because it's almost 9 am on a Tuesday, and I'm going to get fired because I'm not doing my job.

Stupid internal clock.  I need to find the off button.  My boss told me to take comp time, and no patients wanted to come in this morning anyway.  I really am not feeling guilty, but it feels so weird to be lying on the couch in my pjs at 9 am on a weekday.  Actually, any day.  I'm always going before now even on a weekend.

Anyway, I have all kinds of posts that have been building up, and today I have time that I need to write them all.  (Why do I suddenly feel the need to practice my evil laugh like Dr. Horrible?)  I may not post any more today, but then there will be posts in the future for those days when I actually go to work before 2 pm.

Btw, I love Dr. Horrible.  Found it this weekend, and it provided about 38 minutes of fantastic entertainment.  (Unfortunately, it's 42 minutes long; the ending was unexpected for me. Well written, and I think it makes it a better flick, but I still didn't like it.  Hard to explain without giving it all away.)  As a slight warning, Captain Hammer does provide some PG-13 moments, just so you know.

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