Tuesday, July 7, 2009


When we were at the Grand Canyon, we were amazed by the vastness of it all.  You couldn't really grasp it.  There was not much to give you the perspective that you needed.  It was about a mile from the top of the rim to the bottom of the canyon.  It was about nine miles across, and visibility was so clear at times that you could see mountains 90 miles away.  From the rim, the river appears to be about 10 feet across.  You'd have to get a lot closer than we did in order to be able to see the reality: that sucker is around 76 feet wide.  I believe these rapids are about a mile long:

As I stood on the canyon rim, I tried to wrap my head around all that I was seeing.  It occurred to me at that moment that God was infinitely more vast than the Canyon. 


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