Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Letter to Protestants

I would just like to say that you've ruined Bible study for me.  Catholic Bible study, anyway.  Actually, I love Catholic Bible study, but sometimes I don't like studying the Bible with other Catholics.  And it's your fault.

You're pushy, you know.  You've pushed me to be comfortably at home in the Bible.  Both by your example and by your questions about what I believe.  In my answers, you accept nothing less than biblical authority.

Because of you, I sometimes get frustrated if Bible study is just a class that is taught, no matter how good the information is that I receive.  Because reading Scripture around you all reminds me that Scripture is not only to be listened to, but to be engaged on a personal level.

In other words, thank you.

Note: I know a lot of Catholics that are at home in the Scripture and that engage the Scripture in a personal way.  In my own life, however, a lot of my comfort with reading the Scripture comes from Protestant family and friends, as well as former Protestants who brought their love of Scripture with them into the Church.

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