Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Starting at the Beginning

I'm a big believer in starting at the beginning.  Maria told the Von Trapps that they should start there, and I'm not about to argue with Maria. Too bad I don't quite know which beginning to start with!  There is the chronological beginning (whenever you define that to be), or there is the beginning of Mass.  I feel more prepared to talk about the chronological beginning, so that is where I will start.  By the way, this will hardly be scholarly.  I aim to double check what I'm saying so I don't pass on false information, but I'm not getting graded, so if I'm bored or don't understand something, I will skip over it.

Take a moment and decide for yourselves when the beginning of the Mass was.  

If you said Thursday before Christ died on the Cross... you're right!  However, we have to start before that.  See, the events of Holy Week were the conclusion of something that started long before Christ came to earth.  You know how Star Wars started in the middle?  That's where you are, friends.  Right in the middle.  Crucial things are happening, but if you don't know what led up to them, some of it will not make sense.

One of my favorite books about the Mass (besides the Lamb's Supper, which every Catholic should read) is Worthy is the Lamb:The Biblical Roots of the Mass by Thomas Nash.  That will be where a lot of my info comes from.  I thought we would be diving into the New Testament, but I was wrong.  He tells us on page 23: "The story of the Mass begins in the Garden of Eden."  That's right, to understand the Mass, we have to start at Genesis.

ANYONE THAT DOESN'T LIKE TO READ THEIR BIBLE NEEDS TO GET OVER IT.  Right now.  If you're Catholic and think you don't need to read your Bible because you get it in Mass: that's not enough. Not if you truly want to understand the treasure that you're partaking in. If you don't feel comfortable reading the Bible, you need to get comfortable with reading it. Here's how:  

1) Open it.
2) Start reading.

It can be intimidating, but just remind yourself that you have to start somewhere. Keep plugging away.  It does get easier and it will become more and more meaningful as time goes on.  I promise it's worth it.

Okay.  I feel better now.

Ready?  Let's start with Genesis chapters 2 and 3.  I'll give you a couple of days, then you can join me for a little discussion. 


  1. just read some of ask sister mary martha...

    so funny!

    Read the home depot one!


  2. I do pretty good at the beginning, but Leviticus always kills me!