Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Overview

This is for anyone that might be interested in a brief overview of my trip (especially pictures!), but not want all the gory details.  Then you can forever skip any other posts about my vacation!

Okay, here goes.  Just remember that my sisters and I have some weird form of vacation ADHD that requires us to be on the move at all times and seeing as much as we can.

After the wedding, we started with a trip to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs:

The Kissing Camels

Pike's Peak from the Visitor's Center

A side view of the Siamese Twins

Pike's Peak from between the Siamese Twins
After a brief stop by Royal Gorge:

we drove by way of "The Million Dollar Highway":

to southwest Colorado:

The next day we checked out the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde:

The Cliff Palace

A more typical cliff dwelling

The cliff dwellers' backyard

Then drove  through northern Arizona:

with a stop by The Four Corners monument. (Sorry, no pics.  Not that there was much to see.)
At the Grand Canyon, we walked 10 miles along the South Rim:

We also stopped at the Watchtower:

The next day, my non-acrophobic sister and I hiked a mile and a half and 1,100 feet down into the Canyon on the South Kaibab trail:

Then we left for Utah by way of Monument Valley:

to Arches National Park, where we spent the night and hiked the next day to a number of the more famous arches:

Landscape Arch

Sandstone Arch

Of course, Delicate Arch

That night (Thursday) we stopped at a hotel for the afternoon and evening, then we took off for Hanging Lake and Spouting Rock (back in Colorado):

Then went to Rocky Mountain National Park, where we hiked to Emerald Lake:

And to the top of Deer Mountain (not my favorite hike):

Then we came home.  The end.

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