Thursday, June 11, 2009

THE Grand Canyon Trip

Today I was driving to work when I realized that in one week from today I will be on my way for the beginning of the Grand Canyon trip.  Forgive me if you see me between now and then.  I may talk about it a lot.  I really can't wait.  I'm so excited.  You don't understand.  This is not simply a trip to the Grand Canyon. This is the Grand Canyon trip.  You see, when I was growing up, my mom always wanted to go see the Grand Canyon.  Whenever we would tentatively start planning the possibilities of what, there would be lots stops along the way.  At one point the Grand Canyon trip included "swinging by" northern California to visit my aunt and catching Yellowstone on the way back.  Clearly it had become a family joke by then.

The one drawback is that only my sisters and I are going, and my mom still hasn't made it.  It's a long story, but my whole family is going to the wedding of a family friend in Colorado.  We didn't know if my dad would be able to get off work, and if he didn't, then my mom was coming with us.  He did get off work, but he can't take all the of time off that I can.  So my mom (the wonderful wife that she is) said that she was going with Dad to be sure that he got a vacation, too.  They're going to Rocky Mountain National Park, which is one of my favorite places, so don't feel too badly for them.

On the other hand, my sisters and I love to travel together with just us.  We did an amazing trip last year Pacific Northwest.  Here's a little review:

We took this

to get here

where there was a TON of stuff to see.  All fascinating for us Midwesterners:

It got even better when we went to Rialto Beach:

And Hoh National Rainforest:

Once we were done there, we decided that we were bored, so we wandered down the coast of Washington to:

Beach #1.  Or #2.  I can't remember, but those were seriously the names of the beaches.  Then we decided we wanted to go to Oregon while we were "in the area".
So we did.

And that's where we found

some old bunkers?

We did not see that one coming.

But then we found a beach:

Where we had fun doing this:

"Sand Crab"

"Sand Man"


That's just us, waving hello.  It was a way to get all three of us in a picture. Yes, we are colossal dorks, but there are upsides to dorkdom. When we're on vacation you could drop us off in the middle of a cornfield and we would have fun.  The Grand Canyon will be awesome.

On the way back to SeaTac, we stopped by here:
Mount St. Helen's 

I can't wait for this year. It should be interesting.  The only cooking utensils we plan to pack are matches, a hatchet and campfire forks.  If you can't cook it over an open flame on a stick, we won't be eating it.  The only camping gear we plan to have is a tent (and we had to sew the door shut, but that's a story for another day), sleeping bags, pillows and air mattresses.  Yes, air mattresses.  The essentials.  We are not there to camp.  We are there to sleep, because we are too cheap to get hotels.  One night for $100 vs. 5 nights for $100?  Please.  No contest.

Btw, I'm still working on the post about Genesis 2-3, so be sure you've read up.  I thought I knew what I was going to say, but then I thought I'd better review before I started writing. Oh, baby. 

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