Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Desire of the Heart

I happened across this blog entry one day.  I thought she was on to something:

"[God] had given me the desires of my heart... the desires that could not be satisfied where I was, and then used the frustration of those unsatisfied desires to move me where He could fulfill them."

That thought, along with realizing that I graduated high school ten years ago, was part of the impetus that led to looking back over the time that God has given me as a single.  It certainly helped when I was trying to figure out why God would give me such desires and then apparently not do anything about it.

While I'm thinking about it, can anyone tell me where faith ends and presumption begins?  I know this may not seem to go with the post, but I want to know.  How about, where does "surrender to God's will" become an excuse for lack of faith in His promises?  Anyone?

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