Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holding Pattern

I was reading something this morning about how sometimes life gets put on a holding pattern.  You've traveled however many hours on the plane, you're cramped and ready to burst off the plane after sitting in one position for so long.  The tray table is up, your activities are stowed beneath the seat in front of you.  You're there.  You are at your destination.  

And you start flying in circles.  Often for no apparent reason.  Sometimes you are informed of the reason for the delay, but often you are not.  There is nothing more frustrating than that seemingly inexplicable wait.  The logical part of you knows that you would much rather wait for other planes to take off or land or the runway to be cleared, or whatever else needs to happen.  You do want to arrive safely, and you know that air traffic control is not making you wait for the fun of it.  Unfortunately, logic doesn't always drive our emotion.  In my case, logic rarely drives my emotion.  So even when I know that there is a reason that I can't see, I don't care.  I want the holding pattern to stop, and I want off the plane.  Now, please.

My life feels like it's in a holding pattern.  It's not really a matter of being single or dating or married, though that is certainly a part of it.  I feel like I'm circling something, but just hanging out waiting, not able to take the next step until the plane lands.

I also don't know what destination the airport is, and I won't until I land. Can't wait to find out, I guess.

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