Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All About Movement

Really, the things that get me interested in a day.  Some things are way better than others. Give me a total knee.  Snooze.  How about a low back pain.  Well, depends.  Some are really interesting, and others...aren't.  Rotator cuff tear.  Nothing like trying to move someone through a range of motion, with them fighting you the whole way, 'cuz it hurts, all the while trying not to damage the work that the surgeon just did.

I like the flat out movement problems.  You have pain because you're just not moving quite right?  Come see me.  That's the really fun stuff.  Today I was fascinated by an ankle.  The pain was in the foot, but the problem was in the ankle.  Two years ago there was a break in one of the small bones of the foot, and now there's pain further down the line.  I wish you could have seen it.  A small, but noticeable difference in how far the foot could move on one side compared to the other.  If you get less motion in one place, another place has to make up for it, and that was the spot that was hurting this person.  Better yet was trying to figure out some specific exercises that would get the right part of the foot moving without getting compensation from the part that was moving too much.

That probably made no sense to anyone.  If you're medical and I said "cuboid" and "midfoot" and "metatarsal", it might have made more sense.  If you're not medical and you're my sister, you are totally rolling your eyes and bored right now, if you haven't left all together.

Whatever.  I don't care.  The ankle moved better at the end than at the beginning.  That's what I'm talking about.

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