Monday, April 27, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Wow.  I have this serious urge to write, but nothing in particular to write about.  Usually I have an urge to write because I have something that I want to say, which is a much better scenario.  Actually, I take that back, I do get urges sometimes to write even though there is nothing to really say.  Those get a little random.  I was cleaning the other day and went through some grad school notes.  In the margins of one of my lectures I had a whole story about some barnyard animals, one of them being an uppity cow.  Yeah.  Maybe I shouldn't admit that.  That was in my pain class.  Hope we didn't learn anything too important that day, because I clearly wasn't listening.

In other news, I have no news.  That's right, my life is currently on the mundane cycle.  Which, all in all, is much better than an agitation cycle.  Actually, I guess there are things to be learned in all the cycles of life and they're all necessary, so maybe now is not better or worse than other times, it simply is the time that it is.  Haha! Did that make sense to you?  I don't know that it really did to me.  I mean, it kind of did, but then I threw in a few extra commas and I got confused.  You still reading this?  You are a fool!:)  Who's the bigger fool the fool who is writing the foolishness or the fool that keeps reading when there's clearly nothing to read?

I watched August Rush this weekend.  I really love that movie, but I don't quite know why.  Spacy kids that talk to the moon are usually not my cup of tea, but I like this movie.  The ending kind of drives me crazy, though.  If you haven't seen the movie and intend to watch it at some point, then you should really stop reading now.  But seriously, this kid spends the whole movie looking for his parents, and all we get to see is him smiling at them?  Ugh.  Anticlimactic. Also sad, because what else can the ending possibly be?  The kid's whole personality is his determination to find his parents.  They're found, so now what's he going to do or be?  And the parents finally find each other, but they spent only the one night together, so they don't have much to build a relationship on.  Other than their excited and wondering smiles at each other, what more do they have to say?  That's why the movie had to end as it did; there's no other place to go. Hmm, did not know that I was going to finish there when I started.  I really do like the movie.  I guess the mystery of why has gotten even deeper. 

 Right.  So I started with nothing, and I still have nothing.  I guess there's some good symmetry at least.  Even better I enjoyed writing it, so this inane little post has served some sort of purpose and can now be finished.

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