Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding Grinch

Maybe it's just sour grapes, I don't know.  I really don't think that it is, though.  I can't imagine getting excited about centerpieces and invitations and decorations if I were getting married.  I'm in two weddings this year and have two other close friends getting married (by the way, the pale yellow dress for one of the weddings...not good at all with my skin tone!).  Three of those people are at my Bible study.  When we're not talking about the Bible, we're talking weddings.  Or babies.  There are three of the women that are already married that are pregnant.  Anyway, today it was primarily weddings.  Seriously! Literally hours of talk about menus and centerpieces (the centerpieces are killing me!) and wedding music.  I made a decision today that if I get married, we'll be lucky to have cheap tablecloths on the table.  I JUST DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT STUFF.  Luckily all of my friends will have lots of ideas and leftovers, so it probably wouldn't look as bad as if it were all up to me.

Things I want for my wedding:
1) A groom :)
2) Mass
3) Family and friends present
4) The dress
5) Good pictures

I honestly feel like I could live without it, but then I would be afraid that I felt like I had missed out.  Seriously, I would skip the reception just so I could skip the centerpiece discussion.  Also, how bad would it be to ask guests to bring a covered dish in lieu of gifts?  And I don't really like the dance (maybe 'cause I've been to too many dateless dances...and I have no rhythm), so that doesn't seem too necessary.

Ahh, well. It's all moot right now. It was just a long night.  Usually my friend's 20 month old son is there, so I spend time building block towers for him to knock down or something fun like that.  But he was home with his dad tonight, so there were no distractions from the endless details.  I really don't care whether there are going to be assigned seats or not!

I guess we'll have to see someday whether a prospective groom makes my heart grow three sizes toward all things wedding.  I really think I'm going to hate the details even more if I'm the one making those decisions.

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