Thursday, March 26, 2009

More of the Amazing Family

My cousin, who we will refer to as L., knocks my socks off.  He really impresses me.  Occasionally he makes me want to beat my head on the nearest hard object, but mostly he really impresses me.

About 4 years ago, he started to really look more deeply into his faith.  When I say deep, I mean deep.  He is not ready to accept any kind of surface answer from anyone.  He is passionate about following God in the best way he possibly can, and I love it.  I can't tell you how much he has influenced me to take a deeper look at the early Church fathers in particular, and recently some of the struggles that I had with Mary.  The thing is, he decided to leave the Catholic Church because he doesn't think that the truth is there.

First of all, I really respect his decision.  I know that he did not make it lightly, and he did a lot of study.  He has told me some of the concerns that he had.  While I look at things from a slightly different angle than he does, I can't help but admire the seriousness of his study and willingness to follow God wherever it leads.

We had a great discussion over the weekend, and I really enjoyed hearing some of the things that he was studying recently.  It always amazes me, given that he is staunchly against the Catholic Church, and I am firmly for it, how many things we agree on so completely.  I love those parts of the discussion.  He has a lot of really great insights.

The part that I get frustrated is the part where he will describe what he is looking for (the truth, the correct interpretation of the Bible) and it exactly describes what I have found.  For instance, he mentioned that he doesn't like to listen to anyone that don't include the scriptural references or some of the documents of the early Church fathers.  He wants to be sure that if he is listening to someone, they are speaking with good authority.  I wanted so badly to point him to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, with it's indices that include 31+ pages of Scriptural references, nearly 12 pages of references to Church fathers (and more recent doctors).  Not to mention pages and pages of references to Church documents that are built on Scripture and the preceding generations of Church fathers.  I tried to mention it, but I couldn't get it into the conversation.  Very well could have been the Holy Spirit telling me to shut up.  Oh, well, L.  Eventually you will see what I mean.  You're too smart to miss where these Church fathers are leading you.  Plus, I will be praying.  Btw, I think you will make a great priest someday.  Because I really think you will be once these pieces that you're looking for fall into place.

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